You just can't see passion in a resume, this is where online video interviews successfully bridge the gap and bring resumes to life.



With online video interviewing recruiters can now spend less time screening candidates over the phone and more time pinpointing the best candidates.Recruiters get a chance to evaluate job seekers presentation skills during online video interviews.


Using online video interviews recruiters are able to compare candidates' sales competencies, patterns of performance and presentation skills.


Use early-stage video screening to quickly identify strong candidates and shorten time-to-hire.It eases decision making by differentiating candidates when resumes and experience are similar.


Candidates benefit by responding to the video interview at their own convenience without having to travel or take time off from another job.


With a streamlined process you can now connect with more applicants, involve more interviewers and shortlist top performing candidates.


You just can't see passion in a resume, this is where online video interviews successfully bridge the gap, and online video interviews bring resumes to life.


Analysts estimate that companies waste millions of hours and dollars annually in valuable time and travel costs interviewing. Most of the effort results in finding out that the applicant is not a right fit for the job. Online video interviews are the next big buzzword in the recruiting sphere and we are here to make the technology work for you.With online video interviewing you can do a lot more, with a lot less. By using our on-demand video interviewing tool recruiters no longer need to spend hours on scheduling interviews. Video interviewing is much faster and cheaper, it widens your reach and results in a better recruiting experience for all. Our system promotes collaboration among the recruitment team and thus enhances the possibilities of making accurate hiring decisions. Recruiting teams can view recorded Online Video Interviews, rate answers, and submit their decision on a candidate. A dashboard of all applicants for a job will make identification of the best match a straightforward process.
Job Seekers receive an Email Invite to attend the Online Video Interview. They can verify Video Recording Settings (ex: Choose microphone/ camera). Job seekers can attend unlimited number of Practice interviews and finally when satisfied with the settings they can attend the actual Online Interview. Once the real interview begins, candidates cannot rewind or review answers. On completion an email will be sent to both the employer & candidate confirming the completion.
Interviews can be viewed only by the recruitment team of a company who sent the invite to the candidate.
Any mac or PC with a webcam, microphone and internet access.
You do not need to install any software,the service is entirely web-based, accessed using any up-to-date browser.
Each interview has a unique URL which can link into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We can support you fully whether you have an ATS or not. Our offering is much more than video interview software. You can also download interviews for offline storage.
Good news! Everything stays stored on our platform as long as you have an active subscription. We understand issues come up where you may need to access a previous video interview, which is why we built this interviewing platform for you. Think you missed something? You can always go back! No need to worry about how many video interview recordings or applicants you have in our system, we have you covered - as long as you have an active subscription. You can also download interviews for offline storage.
All interviews are stored in the cloud so you can access it from any computer, anytime, anywhere in the world. Your team of recruiters can login and rate interviews, share notes, and make decisions in a collaborative environment.
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