Frequently Asked Questions on job site

  • Security

    • Information Security
    • Credit Card Security
    • Frauds/ Scams
    • Information Security
      We DO NOT sell or share any personal information to any third party. The job seekers information can only be viewed by prospective employers, if the jobs seeker decides to share the information with prospective employers. Job seekers are responsible to setup their confidentiality settings after they complete their registration.
      Credit Card Security
      We DO NOT collect or store any credit card information. All payments are done in a secure manner using PayPal. Never give out any of your personal financial information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, paypal and banking passwords. Such critical financial information must not be shared over the internet under any circumstances. We will never ask you to reveal such information.
      Frauds/ Scams
      Job seekers should be vigilant about scams. If you come across any employer requesting for a payment/ service charge kindly report them to us using the Contact Us or Report Abuse page so necessary action can be taken. does not charge any membership/service fees from job seekers. The key to avoid being scammed is to spot the red flags. The following are tips that would tell you that you are dealing with a bogus recruiter or employer:
      - As a general rule, be wary when a recruiter starts asking for money. No legitimate company who's looking to hire staff will ever collect payments from job applicants.
      - Beware of recruiters who request for bank account numbers or scan the ID, such as a driver's licence, of the applicant to double check their identity.
      - When you receive an email from a recruiter, check if the contact email address is a primary domain. A company calling itself "Matrix Inc" with a Hotmail! email address should make you suspicious. For your safety we block employers using such free email addressess from registering on our site.
      - Review the job advertisement or letters of correspondence. Usually, con artists commit misspellings and grammatical mistakes.


      Employer/Recruiter Membership Plans
      Visit the membership plans page to view the membership plans. Don't find a membership plan that suits your needs? Contact us and we will try our best to help out.

      Some of the terminology used on the membership plans:
      Employer Spotlight: We display your company logo on the home page of this website. Make your company visible to millions of users on the web. The logo's are randomly picked making sure every employer gets an equal visibility. Users can scroll left or right to see all the featured employers.

      Get Extended Access To Applicants After Jobs Expire:
      Job postings expire after 90 days or the expiry date you set. If candidates have applied to your job posting you will be able to see their profile even after the job posting has expired. You can easily extend the expiry dates of your job postings.

      We offer FREE GOLD membership plan to Educational Institutions, Charities and other Non-Profit Organizations, Contact Us for more details.
      Refund Policy
      If you are not satisfied with the results from your job posting, request a free reposting or a full refund within 30 days after your listing expires. We have a 100% refund policy if our clients are not satisfied with our services. Please use the Contact Us page to claim any refund. No questions will be asked.
      Bulk Upload of Jobs for Platinum Plan Members
      If you have a Platinum Membership Plan and you wish you to bulk upload job postings from a spreadsheet or any other special requests, please contact our support department using the Contact Us page who can help you with this.

      Job Seekers

      Job Seeker Membership Details
      If you want to manually select and apply for jobs, candidates will not pay any fees to DreamJobs4Me or the advertised employer. Our premium plan allows you to auto apply for jobs based on your selected criteria and this incurs additional over heads on our systems. Hence we charge a nominal amount for our premium services.