Behavioral Based Questions:

Behavioral questions are focused on your past behavior.Remember, the belief is that past behavior often predicts future behavior. It is also hard to deceive interviewers with this type of question because they often will put you on the spot.

Describe a stressful situation where you demonstrated coping skills.

The interviewer wants to see how you will successfully handle stress in their environment. Everyone has stress at some point, so be realistic and be specific about your coping skills.

Tell me about a challenge you have faced and how you approached it.

The interviewer wants to know how you approach problems. You want to be able to show a can-do attitude and if it didn’t go well, how you would change your behavior in the future.

Give me an example of how you have set goals and achieved them.

The interviewer wants to see strong goal setting and action plans to complete the goals. This is a good indicator of future success in their organization.

Tell me about a time you have disagreed with someone and how you have handled it.

Everyone has disagreements with colleagues but it is how you handle them that make you a great fit for an organization. You want to be able to show that you may disagree but you are collegial and at the same time that you are not afraid to bring up counter viewpoints.

Give me an example of when you have taken initiative.

Essentially, if you have taken initiative in a past position, you will do so in your next position. Interviewers want to see that you can solve problems on your own.

Describe your best experience working on a team.

Interviewers want to know that you are going to fit with the team. There is no correct answer for this question. You want to be honest because you also want the correct fit for you. Be sure to clarify each person’s role and your interactions to give a clear picture of how you worked with team members.

Describe your worst experience working with a colleague.

This is a question that is directly related to fit, as well; however it is framed in the negative. Again, there is no right answer but you do want to show how you tried to get along with that colleague or make the experience better.

Tell me about a time that you persuaded or motivated someone.

The interviewer wants to see how you motivate people to complete their work. It is also a good indicator of how you will fit into the organization. Remember to be specific in how you accomplished motivating or persuading the individual.